Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module

The CP205 pressure transmission module uses a 96% alumina sensor core with excellent accuracy. This sensor has the characteristics of high accuracy, high stability, and high applicable range. This module provides 10 times overvoltage capability, ensuring sufficient measurement accuracy even under overload conditions. Its reverse polarity protection function can effectively prevent negative pressure from causing damage to the load and ensure safe use. The compact design of the module makes it easy to install, whether it is direct thread installation, 2" pipe vertical installation, single flange installation or double flange installation. It is also very user-friendly in terms of packaging design, making it convenient for users to carry and The temperature compensation function of the module can effectively compensate for the impact of temperature changes on the measurement results and ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. In general, the CP205 pressure transmission module is a pressure measurement device with reliable performance and safe and convenient use. , suitable for various industrial and scientific research fields.

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