The Challenges of Installing Air Compressor Pressure Transmitter

December 24, 2020

Air Compressor Pressure Transmitter Installation Challenges

A pressure monitoring system using a pressure transmitter is an integral part of industrial operations that monitors how the economic air compressor is running. Air compressor pressure transmitter is an important factor in making the overall cost and management efficient.

With ever-rising expenses in the industrial sector, the importance of air compressors providing optimal performance is integral. This is because the air compressor in any industrial and manufacturing facility is the crucial factor.

It certainly is the most expensive utility. However, with rising need and importance yet the maintenance and its monitoring are the most neglected system. This hence increases the significance of pressure transmitters in air compressors across the industrial units. The air pressure transmitter thus helps in managing and monitoring many issues.

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However, several factors are critical that affect the performance of the transmitter itself. Therefore, the installation of transmitters becomes a challenge. The common challenges occur mainly due to heat, temperature, pressure, blockage, leakage, etc. Therefore, in more advanced industries the professionals provide advanced sensors and their recommended placement locations.

Air compressor pressure transmitter

Why Air Compressor Pressure Transmitter is Necessary?

Air compressor pressure transmitter in industries and manufacturing units plays a critical role. However, sometimes the insufficient and excessive air in industrial machinery causes defection in air low.

This certainly makes the operation fail. Therefore, the presence of a pressure transmitter helps in monitoring and thus troubleshooting the defects when necessary.

Otherwise, the air compressor may stop working that ultimately affects the overall operations and viability. There is no single factor that we can hold responsible.

However, the factors are many and therefore prove to be as frustrating, time-consuming, and hence not economical. Nevertheless, these factors are manageable for troubleshooting the pressure transmitters.

Therefore, with time the installation of an air pressure transmitter in an air compressor becomes a pertinent job. This is also called an “Air management system”.

Challenges to Air Compressor Pressure Transmitter

To manage the factory affairs the installation of Air compressor pressure transmitter is integral. Air pressure sensor helps n monitoring and managing the various air compressor connected in series to each other.

These compressors sensors ensure the supply of the right amount of energy and power to each compressor. Furthermore, the amount of power within the required time scale is the key to the successive operation.

Therefore, a pressure sensor monitors the output pressure for each compression level separately. However, there are many challenges to a compressor pressure transducer.

This thus makes it necessary to even manage and monitor other factors that affect that sensor itself. The challenges are:

High Level of Vibration in Machinery:

Air compressor pressure transmitter is prone to receive a large number of mechanical vibrations. This is because, normally, the large industrial units comprise the heavy-duty mechanical machining units.

The units are so large that the machinery is prone to shake and thus create heavy vibrational effects. This hence shakes the whole unit and the compressors too.

Therefore, the pressure transmitter that is present either on the surface of the body is bound to feel vibrations. The sensor of the housing is subjected to correspond accordingly. This thus causes the pressure sensor to malfunction or severe failure.

The reading of the sensor affects greatly in this way. However, there is a sensor that easily withstands such vibrational effects. Nevertheless, the design and mechanism of these sensors are hence pre-established to perform in hard conditions.

Elevation in The Surrounding Temperature

Air compressor pressure transmitter face another major issue that affects their performance and installation purpose. This is the rising temperature of the ambiance of air compressors. As we know that many industrial units where these sensors are in great use possess high-temperature machinery or boilers.

The air compressors on boilers and furnaces, therefore, are prone to emit and bear thousands of degrees of temperature. This elevation in ambiance temperature therefore affects the pressure transmitter device. The malfunction of is device thereby affects the overall performance of the unit. Furthermore, the moving parts in the compressor and the installation mechanism also cause a temperature rise.

The housing of the air compressor comprises tight fitting pipe clearance. This cause error in the sensor and ultimately affects the power calculation of the compressor.

Humidity in the compressed air system affects transmitters

Air compressor pressure transmitter malfunctions many a time with rising corrosion and damage pipes and components. This happens due to the rise in the humidity in the related component and piping system. The excessive amount of humidity therefore causes corrosion and damage to the machinery.

Air compressor pressure transmitter

This damage thus causes the component to go through a malfunctioning phase. This phase thus poses challenges to the air pressure transmitter in monitoring the pressure. The failure to detect the right amount of pressure thereby causes the weak power flow. The absence of the right amount of power to the compressor hence cause the operation to be expensive.

Furthermore, the defect also affects the flow rate of production in the manufacturing unit. The defects in compressors for example paint compressors cause quality control issues in terms of adhesiveness. Such issues affect the performance of air pressure transmitters.

Flow Rate affects the Air compressor pressure transmitter

Flow rate is another challenge that causes the Air compressor pressure transmitter failure. The most common cause of this failure is due to clogged airflow in the housings and pipes. The clogged piping obstructs the airflow thus causing the sensor to not working properly.

With corrosion and blocking of the piping, the air inside the housing gets restricted. This also happens due to the installation of an under-size piping system in a manufacturing unit. Furthermore, sometimes what happens is that the system and size of piping are sufficient for the unit. However, as the unit or system grows its operation the existing piping and housing system becomes an under-sized system.

This system, therefore, fails to deliver the right amount of power. Consequently, the pressure transmitter thereby fails to monitor the right amount of power. Similarly, leakage is another issue that causes the insufficient flow of air in the compressors.

Solutions for malfunctioning Air compressor pressure transmitter:

The solution for these challenges in installing Air compressor pressure transmitter helps in eliminating the problems. The one solution is a suggestion for the design engineers in particular to their compressor designs.

The foremost solution is to reconsider the installation position of the air pressure transducer in an air compressor. This can help in overcoming the issue. The installation of a pressure transmitter must be at a place somewhere remotely to the compressor on a side panel. This panel must be at the position next to the main compressor housing.

This therefore may alter the effects of both temperature and mechanical vibration. Furthermore, the early inspection and detection of compressor pipes and housing that may carry humidity solve the issue at hand.

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Final Thoughts:

You may have realized by now the importance of air compressors and air pressure transmitter as well. Industrial units operate by betting on the reading of the pressure transducer. This is because air compression is an integral and yet expensive phenomenon.

With cost, the air compressors are vital for the manufacturing units. The monitoring of the air compressor in your manufacturing unit helps in identifying the other problems as well. However, the malfunction of the system itself is critical and causes many production and power-related challenges.

Therefore, it is in a special recommendation to regularly monitor and thereby take the educated decision. This ensures the right amount of power supply and hence indicating the protected investment.

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Air compressor pressure transmitter

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