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Classification of pressure sensor cores

3月 07, 2024

About Classification of pressure sensor cores

as we all know ,Classification of pressure sensor cores .The core material of the pressure sensor is mainly based on the technical requirements of stability. In addition to the performance of the material, there are also requirements for layout design, processing technology, and assembly technology. From the materials, the core materials of pressure sensors mainly include: silicon core, polycrystalline silicon core, ceramic core, crystal core, metal core, polyimide core, etc.

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The ceramic core of the pressure sensor exceeds 1 million times the pressure cycle, a very low temperature drift, excellent linear accuracy, 200%-300% overload pressure, linear accuracy and overload pressure have good performance reflections.

With the technological innovation and development of the sensor industry . I believe that more new materials and new technologies will be introduced, and the core performance of the pressure sensor will become better and better . so Shenzhen Oulide Instrument Co., Ltd. mainly develops and produces ceramic/stainless steel core and finished pressure sensors. Your consultation is welcome!Express shipping 1

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