Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module CP205 3
Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module CP205 2
Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module CP205
Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module CP205 4
Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module CP205 5

Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module

Model Number:CP205
Material:96% aluminum oxide sensor core

Application:Universal model
Material:Alumina, fiberglass, ceramics
Work temperature:-40~85℃
Power consumption(mA):2.5(TYP)

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Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module CP205—high performance, high stability, widely applicable


In today's industrial automation field, the CP205 pressure transmitter module is favored by many engineers and professionals due to its excellent performance, high stability, and wide range of applications. This article will introduce the features and advantages of the CP205 pressure transmitter module in detail to help you better understand this product.

Sealed Gauge Pressure Sensor Module CP205 5

CP-205 Product main features:

Firstly CP205 pressure transmitter module adopts a 96% alumina sensor core, which has excellent overpressure capability. Compared with traditional products, its overpressure capacity is up to 10 times, which can maintain stable operation in harsh environments. Even under extreme conditions, the CP205 pressure transmitter module will not leak, ensuring the safe operation of the equipment.

Secondly, the CP205 pressure transmitter module is small in size and easy to install. Its compact design makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. In addition, the module's reverse polarity protection makes it more reliable and safer in use.

In addition, the CP205 pressure transmitter module also has a temperature compensation function, which effectively eliminates the impact of temperature changes on measurement accuracy. This ensures that the product can maintain high accuracy and high stability output in various temperature environments.

In terms of performance, the CP205 pressure transmitter module has a wide range of applications, can be, and can be suitable for pressure measurement in various industrial fields. Its high accuracy and high stability characteristics enable the product to meet user needs under various working conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the CP205 pressure transmitter module is also very convenient which is conducive to transportation and storage. This product not only has excellent performance but also takes into account the actual needs of users, achieving the perfect combination of ease of use, safety, and convenience.


Related Information: CP205 Pressure Sensor Module: The embedded diaphragm ceramic pressure sensor is a versatile product that can be used to replace your old or damaged sensor.


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A:1. What is the process medium? Water, oil or others.
2 Measure range: 0-5m or.
3.Output signal:4-20mA,RS485 or.?
4. Require quantity?

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Measuring range
Gauge pressure 0~1bar…50bar
safe overload pressure
Comprehensive accuracy
Temperature compensation range
Wen Piao
Long term stability 
operating temperature
Storage temperature
output signal
Absolute value 0-5V
Scale 0-5V
Supply voltage(V)
6-36 or 3.0-5.5
Power consumption (mA)
Electrical connections
Alumina, glass fiber
Greater than 100MΩ @250VDC
Start Time
Response time
Less than 1ms (@ 90%FS)
CE certification

EMC: IEC61326-1 Class B

Electrostatic discharge immunity: IEC61000-4-2
Electromagnetic field immunity: IEC61000-4-3
EFT immunity: IEC61000-4-4
Surge immunity: IEC61000-4-5

CP-205 overall dimensions

Automated machinery and equipment, water pumps, diesel engines, engines, compressors, refrigeration machines, jet encoders, air conditioners, water heaters, valves, transmitters, chemical industry, industrial automation, petrochemical industry, clinical instrumentation and many other fields.

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