Refrigerant Pressure Sensor

7月 24, 2020

Status of the refrigeration industry

At present, my country has become a major country of production, and the refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment manufacturing industry is developing rapidly. Nowadays, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology has been widely used in various fields of my country's national economy and people's lives.


What is a refrigeration unit?

The composition of the refrigeration unit: compressor (compressor-like subsystem), condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and control system, etc. And widely used air conditioners need to go through more than one hundred processes.

Refrigerant sensor function

1. Working principle

The refrigerant pressure sensor uses the pressure sensing element to refrigerate the refrigerant pressure in the high-pressure pipeline of the cycle. The refrigerant pressure sensor obtains a constant voltage. The actual measurement signal is the output voltage of a linear sensor affected by refrigerant pressure. Then, the pressure signal is converted into a digital signal and sent to the heating, heating and air conditioning control unit via the bus.

2. Function

The sensor detects the amount of refrigerant and the working condition of the compressor according to the pressure of the refrigerant, and cooperates with the temperature sensor to control the operation and shutdown of the air-conditioning system.


Product description

PT-4 series are special pressure sensors for refrigeration units, air-conditioning control cabinets, etc., using imported sensor cores. The product is small in appearance, easy to install, and has a valve needle design at the pressure guide port, and good media compatibility. The product's good electrical performance and long-term stability make it an ideal choice in similar industries. This product is designed and manufactured completely in accordance with the requirements of refrigeration compressor applications, and can meet the media requirements of refrigeration equipment in different industries. It can be applied to such as laboratory test equipment, agricultural chemical equipment, refrigeration or HVAC system, process monitoring of hydraulic system, vapor container pressure monitoring, coolant pressure monitoring, etc.


  • Simple design, cost-effective, easy to install.
  • Special anti-leakage technology, good media compatibility.
  • Compact design, valve pin design at pilot port.
  • Anti-overload, strong impact resistance, good linearity.
  • Small temperature drift, high precision, stable and reliable performance.
  • Can replace similar imported products.
  • Good EMC performance, in line with CE certification.
  • Has a unique anti-condensation design.

Service content

  • The warranty period is 1 year.
  • Accept customer customized services.
  • Professional after-sales service.
  • One-to-one sales staff docking.

Applicable equipment

Air conditioning, cooling machine, cold water machine, cooling machine, water cooling screw mechanism, eccentric mechanism, earth source heat sink, cooling machine, control machine, control box, etc.


User value

  • Save costs. It can replace similar imported products to reduce customers' import costs.
  • Quality assurance. The company has more than 20 years of industry accumulation, with specialized technical personnel and skilled labor.
  • The EMC design can ensure that the product can work satisfactorily when there is unavoidable external noise in its use environment.
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