Pressure Sensor

7月 24, 2020

Current status of pressure sensor water supply industry

The water supply industry refers to an industrial chain consisting of raw water, water supply, water saving, drainage, sewage treatment, and water resources recycling. The water industry is one of the most important urban basic service industries in China and all countries and regions in the world. The daily production and life cannot be separated from urban water supply.

Product description

The PT-5 series pressure transmitter is a special product developed by our company according to the needs of the water treatment industry. It is widely used in the fields of urban smart water supply, variable frequency pumps, complete water supply, and air conditioning equipment. Professional waterproof hammer impact, good electrical performance and long-term It has become the first choice for similar industries and can directly replace a variety of similar imported products.

Product features

  • Simple design, cost-effective, easy to install.
  • Special anti-leakage technology, good media compatibility.
  • Excellent waterproof hammer design.
  • Anti-overload, strong impact resistance, good linearity.
  • Small temperature drift, high precision, stable and reliable performance.
  • Can replace similar imported products.
  • Good EMC performance, in line with CE certification.

Service content

  • The warranty period is 19 months.
  • Accept customer customized services.
  • Professional after-sales service.
  • One-to-one sales staff docking.

Applicable equipment

Urban smart water supply, variable frequency pumps, complete water supply, heating equipment and other water supply industries.


User value

  • Save costs. It can replace similar imported products to reduce customers' import costs.
  • Quality assurance. The company has more than 20 years of industry accumulation, with specialized technical personnel and skilled labor.
  • The EMC design can ensure that the product can work satisfactorily when there is unavoidable external noise in its use environment.
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