Why do you need pressure transmitter for vitalization system?

May 15, 2021

Why is level measurement so important?

The industry has been increasing the demand for process control every day. Maintaining adequate control has become increasingly important not only for field operators, but also for the entire company, including executives and managers from different sectors. That is why using pressure transmitter for vitalization system is something we can consider to work with.

This is the result of two factors: reducing production costs and increasing the focus on work safety.

pressure transmitter for vitalization system

Efficiency and cost reduction in pressure transmitter for vitalization system

The main objective of level measurement is to maintain control of the production process, whether in volume or weight. If your measurement is efficient, you will result in a higher production yield, as the processes goes out without interruption.

Level measurement is a fundamental element within a tank calibration system. More accurate level measurements significantly increase plant efficiency. Accuracy levels of up to 3mm are common.

For example, if a grain silo needs to store a certain amount of material at all times, but does not fill to its maximum capacity due to measurement failures. The production unit may need additional silos. It will lead to unnecessary purchase and maintenance expenses.

Why do you need sensors in revitalization system at all?

Just imagine the damage the uneven tire pressure of a modern system can cause:

  • the braking distance is shortened;
  • fuel consumption increases;
  • handling deteriorates up to fatal reactions
  • The load on the steering rack, suspension parts, stabilization system increases.
  • Low tire pressure is fraught with increased wear of rubber, which is quite expensive today.

The presence of pressure transmitter for vitalization system allows you to almost completely remove these negative factors or, at least, reduce the likelihood of their active impact on your car. When the pressure in one of the wheels becomes critically low, the warning system will work and inform you.


Why you need to carry pressure transmitter for vitalization system?

Also, such a system makes it possible to track fault in system in time. If you drive at least a few tens of meters on a completely deflated system, it will instantly become unusable, and you will have to fork out for new installation.

But the most important task of a pressure monitoring system is to improve any system. In a straight line, a car with unevenly inflated system will drive even more or less bearable, but in corners it can give out such surprises that the driver does not expect. A walking tire can easily push the vehicle out of its planned turning radius, especially at high speeds. This will lead to an emergency.

How does a modern sensor work?

You can consider the operation of the system in the latest cars of the world's giants in the automotive industry, or look at the system of a Chinese manufacturer for installation in any car. The principle of operation will be similar.

Such a complex system only at first glance seems intricate and unreliable. In fact, wireless sensors from well-known brands work for a long time. In the event of a breakdown, it will not be difficult to replace them. To do this, you just need to go to the tire fitting, remove the tire and fix the problems with the sensor.

In most cases, only pressure transmitter for vitalization system replacement will fix the problem. Do not forget that the electronics of cheap manufacturers will not work for a long time and demonstrate a sufficiently high accuracy.

Are there different types of sensors on the market?

Undoubtedly, the market offers the buyer a variety of options from which you can choose the appropriate sensor model. To select a model, it is enough to compare your financial capabilities with your wishes and purchase the option that suits you better than the rest.

It is necessary to distinguish between the complexes of measuring the pressure in system by several parameters.

At the place of installation, two types of equipment are unique:

External sensors

These are devices from China that need to be mounted instead of the spool or even screwed directly onto the spool. It is enough to place the controller in the cabin, this distance is enough for data transmission. But the accuracy of such devices is highly questionable and inconsistent.

Internal complexes

These are standard solutions used by all car manufacturers. These sensors are quite accurate, but they are more difficult to maintain and replace. Therefore, in the process of operation, they can be costly. Their cost is higher than the price of external sensors, but the overpayment is definitely worth it.

But mounting location isn't the only difference in today's tire pressure sensors. Also, manufacturers offer a variety of designs and technologies of complexes that affect the cost, accuracy and quality of data transmission.

Among the design solutions, we should monitor the following varieties:

Mechanical products

Nobody has been buying such devices for a long time, but they are still presented on the market. These are caps for external use that give information directly from the built-in arrow. A kind of compact manometers, but they are very inconvenient to use.

Primitive electronic devices

These are also external products equipped with a simple controller that displays information in two positions - "everything is fine" and "check the tire pressure". It is not very convenient and not very informative, but inexpensive.

Internal electronic devices:

This type of pressure transmitter for vitalization system is the most common. They are used in most cases with factory-installed wheel pressure sensors. The accuracy is maximum. The controller transmits information already in numerical form. The most optimal option for the price and comfort received.

pressure transmitter for vitalization system 2021

Complex computer systems with their own software

Such systems are unreasonably expensive and are installed only on the most advanced and modern models. However, their functionality is somewhat similar to the previous types of sensors, so the overpayment is not worth the additions received.

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