3 Important Factors to use Pressure Transmitters for the Hygiene Industry

April 17, 2021

How pressure transmitters help to measure the industrial level?

Pressure Transmitters for the Hygiene Industry

Basically, a pressure transmitter helps to measure and adjust the level of industrial liquids or gases. In fact, a pressure transmitter for the hygiene industry is highly important as it provides countless benefits.

Hence, all huge industries are taking advantage of pressure transmitters. Today manufacturers are ideally supplying hygienic pressure sensors. These sensors support a variety of applications.

In this guide, you will learn about the different types of pressure transmitters. Moreover, the ideal benefits of using pressure transmitters.

What is a pressure transmitter for the hygiene industry used for?

Basically, industrials use pressure transmitters in order to measure the pressure of fluids, liquids as well as gases in the process industry.

Moreover, these transmitters are also greatly popular as another name such as pressure transducers. This special kind of equipment can do much more than just checking the pressure of the working equipment.

Here are 3 highly beneficial uses of pressure transmitters like;

  1. Measurement applications
  2. Filtration system monitoring
  3. Flow measurement.

Measurement applications:

Measurement applications are generally one of the very interesting uses of pressure transducers. Moreover, these particular pressure transmitters for the hygiene industry also be used to measure the level of liquid in a container.

Actually, if you have decided to measure by using a pressure transducer for level measurement then you must know deeply about the accurate capacity of the container that you want to measure. Moreover, you should also know the specific fluid gravity.

In fact, knowing the fluid gravity is extremely important as the overall readings are highly influenced by fluid gravity. Further, the high gravity fluids will automatically influence the pressure reading per cubic inch of the fluids.

Filtration system monitoring:

You can also use the pressure transmitters to monitor the pressure of the filtration system. In addition, most of the filtration systems can retain debris or contaminants from liquid, or gas, which are actually filtered in them.

This highly affects the overall performance of the filter with the passing of time. Moreover, accumulated contaminants may block the flow of even contaminants or fluid in order to seep through the filter.

In the industries, there are several kinds of applications where impurities can't be allowed to pass via the filtration system. The pressure transmitters for the hygiene industry also play a vital role to pass impurities via the filtration system.

Flow measurement:

Actually, there are many kinds of devices for flow measurement that industries use to measure the flow of fluid in the process industries. For instance, a flow meter is a special kind of instrument that is extremely helpful to use for the measurement of the rate of some specific fluids.

But you can also use pressure transducers as an alternative to a flow measurement device.

How many types of pressure transmitters for the hygiene industry are there?

Basically, there are 4 main types of pressure transmitters. For example;

  1. Absolute pressure transmitters
  2. Differential pressure transmitters
  3. Multivariable pressure transmitters
  4. Gauge pressure transmitters.

Let's discuss them in detail!

Absolute pressure transmitters:

Basically, this special type of pressure transmitter can measure the absolute value of the pressure. Moreover, the industrials measure the pressure of a media about the vacuum pressure that is also known as the absolute pressure.

Pressure Transmitters for the Hygiene Industry 2021

In fact, the overall measurement of the absolute pressure transmitters totally depends upon the effects of atmospheric pressure. Actually, using this absolute pressure transmitter for the hygiene industry is extremely important where we need high accuracy.

The best example is the measurement of the pressure of vacuum distillation under extremely low pressure. Furthermore, it also can measure the value of pressure as well as can compare it with the absolute value of pressure.

Differential pressure transmitters:

This special type of pressure transmitters that actually can measure the difference between two pressure values is differential pressure transmitters.

In the case of level applications, these special types of pressure transmitters can find out the difference in the pressure between the bottom and top sides of the constriction pipe.

Moreover, these pressure transmitters have the excessive use in the measurement of flow rate for almost 100 years. These particular transmitters for the hygiene industry have the ideal benefits of using flowmeters for displacement purposes.

So, you can use them in several new and advanced technological applications. Moreover, these pressure transmitters have also great importance when we require high accuracy.

Multivariable pressure transmitters:

As the name suggests, using the multivariable pressure transmitters you can measure several variables at the same time. Furthermore, you can also measure the volumetric flow, pressure as well as temperature at the same time using multivariable pressure transmitters.

Additionally, you can also use these variable values for the calculation of mass flow. In fact, they are extremely important in the applications of measurement for gas and steam.

Are multivariable pressure transmitters expensive?

Actually, these ideal types of pressure transmitters are comparatively expensive in comparison to the differential pressure transmitters. Although they are expensive but can provide you the measurement of several variables at a time.

Hence, their cost is low if you want to measure several variables at the same time.

In fact, these special pressure transmitters for the hygiene industry are so important that industrialists prefer to use multivariable pressure transmitters instead of pressure and temperature transmitters.

Gauge pressure transmitters:

The specific type of pressure transmitters that detect the pressure of the gauge is known as gauge pressure transmitters.

These particular pressure transmitters also can have the atmospheric pressure as a reference value instead of the absolute pressure.  In addition, you can see that the use of gauge pressure transmitters is wide in industrial applications because it can measure the pressure of liquid, gas, and steam as well.

The advantages of using absolute pressure and gauge pressure transmitters:

Both, the absolute pressure as well as gauge pressure transmitters have become the ideal choice in all commercial applications. Actually, most industrials are preferring them as compared to pressure transducers.

The main reason behind it is that they have more effective performance. Further, they are highly reliable to use in different applications. Basically, modern customers also prefer these two pressure transmitters for the hygiene industry.


Essentially, the food industry prefers to use these pressure transmitters in production lines outputting canned products such as;

  • Kvass
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Juices
  • Milk, and dairy products,
  • Confectionery
  • Sugar and vegetable oil, etc.

All these industries highly need hygiene as they are related to human health. Hence, food-grade pressure and level transmitters have specially designed by keeping in mind the specifics of food production like;

Strict hygienic requirements as well as technological processes temperature regimes.

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