Which pressure transmitter for sewage treatment should you buy?

May 15, 2021

Pressure transmitters: how to choose?

Pressure transmitter for sewage treatment

Currently, there are several technologies on the market for the treatment of effluents. However, to make sure that the process will reach the maximum potential for excellence, many entrepreneurs are in doubt when choosing the right system for each type of situation. You also need reliable pressure transmitter for sewage treatment.

After all, what is the right technology for pressure transmitter for sewage treatment?

The answer to the question is: IT DEPENDS!

The truth is that the best solution for the treatment will be the one that best corresponds to the needs and aspects that involve each demand of each sector or industry. However, to help choose the right technology for each case, it is possible to follow a number of criteria. Are they:

  • Energy consumption
  • Operational and logistical costs (analysis based on energy consumption, production of by-products, among others)
  • Maintenance frequency (measure how often maintenance is required)
  • Generation of sludge, gases and other by-products
  • Process safety in complying with environmental legislation
  • Decreased environmental impact

What is the best system for sewage treatment?

By examining these factors individually and collectively, it will be possible to choose the option that best pressure transmitter for sewage treatment. Analyzes like these are important to avoid headaches, since most of the problems that involve the treatment of effluents, whether system shutdown or even deactivation, are related to misinformation when defining which type of technology fits for a particular demand .

However, it is necessary to take some points into account before choosing the pressure transmitter.


Some pressure transmitters are specific for special applications due to the needs of the customer and sector: industrial hydraulics, water pumps, air compressors, wind energy, industrial engines, etc.

Pulse buffer

Sudden closings of a valve can lead to pressure spikes, cavitation or liquid stroke, damaging the transmitter. It is therefore recommended to use the pulse buffer to protect it.

Electrical Connector

When choosing the electrical connector, it is necessary to check whether the customer uses a harness or simply a cable.

Pressure connection

It is also necessary to know the interface where the transmitter will be installed in order to choose the ideal pressure connection.

Temperature range

Determine what the required temperature range and operating pressure will be, in addition, you need to know how high the maximum pressure you can reach.

Exit sign of pressure transmitter for sewage treatment

This is a question of where the output signal is used. Therefore, if combined with a controller, it is important that the output scale is correct. Ex: an output of 4 to 20 mA corresponding to 0 to 100 bar. The controller must also show 0 bar as 4 mA and 100 bar, 20 mA, otherwise it will result in a wrong measurement.

What does the pressure transducer do?

A pressure transducer, or better said, a pressure transmitter for sewage treatment is a small device that can convert a pressure contained in an analog signal.

However, there are several pressure transducer models, but the most used and common is the strain / strain sensor base transducer.

It is this equipment that will detect a certain pressure in a place and, thus, cause a physical deformation in the sensors connected to a diaphragm and will be able to convert that local pressure into an electrical signal. Incredible, isn't it?

What happens in increased pressure?

The higher the pressure, the greater the deformation that will be caused in the sensors, just as if it is too small it will also cause a lower pressure.

The pressure that is exerted on the transducer will cause the diaphragm to deflect, which will deform its sensors.


Still talking about models, the pressure transmitter for sewage treatment has in its family different electrical outputs: the amplified voltage, the millivolt and the 4-20 mA.

Those with a millivolt output are much more economical than other models.

What should be the amount of voltage?

Regarding the amount of voltage, myth depends on the amount of power that is transmitted by the transducer input.

When this changes, the output voltage also changes. Remember to set the electrical output of this model very low.

But, unlike the millivolt, this output is not a direct result of the power supply.

Its operation is not complex, but there are many details to address. This part is very important for the automation industry, so it is important to be aware of it.

How to purchase quality pressure transmitter for sewage treatment?

In order to purchase this type of equipment, you must have a great supplier in hand, since it is very important that this product shows good results and that it guarantees its efficiency completely.

Without the pressure switch, it is difficult for some parts of the industry to fail to act correctly, so it is interesting to have knowledge about this equipment and better understand about its use.

Pressure transmitter for sewage treatment 2021

Within that, there are some pressure switch models. One of them is the one known as fixed differential or it can also be called adjustable.

What are unique specifications of pressure transmitter?

This has some unique specifications, but the main one is to show the difference between certain values ​​when the equipment is active or deactivated.

You know that learning more about pressure transmitter for sewage treatment is very important for the development of our society. After all, we are talking about an issue that directly affects our lives and the environment. What you may not know is that it can be a pleasant activity.

What are the benefits of reused water?

There are several benefits to the use of reused water, both for the general population and for large industries. That is, everyone who uses the water supply system can benefit from reuse. The advantages go beyond the economy, as you can see below!

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