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diffusion Silicon Pressure Sensor For Gas Water Liquid Air

Model Number:PT-201D
Material:Stainless steel
Product Name:Differential Pressure Transmitter
Output signal:4~20mA/0-10V/0-5V/0.5~4.5V
Application:Process control, aviation, automotive, medical equipment, HAVCD
Process connection:G1/4
Electrical connection:Hirschmann
Certification:CE ATEX UKCA ISO
Pressure range:0~10KPa…2.5MPa
Pressure type:IP65
Keywords:Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

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PT-201D diffusion Silicon Pressure Sensor description:

PT-201D diffusion silicon pressure sensor adopts the silicon resistance differential pressure oil-filled core of an internationally renowned company. Through a highly reliable amplification circuit and precise digital temperature compensation and non-linear correction technology, the pressure of the measured medium is converted into 4~20mA, 0~ 10VDC analog signal and IIC, RS485 and other standard digital signals. Coupled with the versatile Herschmann plug, it ensures excellent product quality and optimal performance. Users can conveniently, quickly and accurately measure the pressure of various fluids. The ultra-high cost performance can be widely used in differential pressure, liquid level and flow measurement and control in process control, aviation, aerospace, automobiles, medical equipment, HAVCD and other fields.

About us:


We are professional manufacturer of pressure measurement products since 2002.Our main products include pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, wireless pressure/temperature transmitters, and level transmitters.

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We are OEM supplier for many well-known producers of air compressors, water pumps, air conditioning equipment, hydraulic equipment, etc.

we are also authorized distributor for the automation components of Hirschmann, Lumberg, Metallux, IST, HTP, etc.in China.


Our manufacturing plant occupies more than 3,000 square meters, including a dust-free workshop of 1350 square meters for pressure sensors manufacturing, and we have around 100 employees.
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We have CNC machines and 35 kinds of manufacturing facilities, including temperature compensation test equipment, laser resistance regulator machines, etc. We can produce more than 600,000 pressure sensors/transmitters and 300,000 sets temperature sensors/transmitters monthly.


We have strong capability for research and development on our main products and customized products.
Our company implements ISO9001 quality management system, and has been identified as National High-Tech Enterprise since 2017. Our products have CE certificate and explosion-proof certificate

If you are not sure what kind of pressure sensor is right for your project. please contact us

Measuring range 0~10KPa…2.5MPa(Differential pressure)
static pressure 10MPa(Max.)
process connection G1/4,can be customizable
Comprehensive accuracy ±0.5%
temperature drift ±1.5%FS(@-10~70℃)
Temperature compensation range -10~70℃
long term stability ±0.3%FS/year
ambient temperature -10~70℃
Medium temperature -10~70℃
output signal absolute value 0-10V Proportion


4-20mA IIC 485
Supply voltage (V) 10-36 3.0-5.5 10-36 3.3-5.5 10-36
Load (Ω) >10K >10K ≤50(U-10)
Protection level IP65
Media adaptability Various fluids that are non-corrosive to 304 stainless steel
vibration 10gRMS,(20~2000)Hz
impact 100g,11ms
insulation more than the 100MΩ @250VDC
Response time less than 2ms
CE certification EMC: IEC61326-1 Category B

Electrostatic discharge immunity:IEC61000-4-2

Electromagnetic field immunity:IEC61000-4-3

EFT immunity:IEC61000-4-4

Surge Immunity:IEC61000-4-5

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It can be widely used in differential pressure, liquid level and flow measurement and control in process control, aviation, aerospace, automobiles, medical equipment, HAVCD and other fields.

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