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Pressure Transducer Pressure Sensor PT-301 OEM

Material: stainless steel

Accuracy: ±0.2%FS - 0.5%FS

Type: Gauge pressure

Select variations and quantity: 5 - 199 pieces:$15

                                                             200 - 999 pieces:$13.5

                                                             Exceed 1000 pieces:$11.5

Model Number:PT-301

Application:Water Oil Air Pressure Measurement

Power supply:12~36VDC

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PT-301 Pressure Transducer product description:

PT-301 pressure transducer transmitter adopts imported sensor core, stainless steel isolated small structure, compact appearance and easy installation. With a wide measuring range and multiple output signals, this product has good stability in a wide temperature range and is widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, air compressors and other fields. It has CE certification and can directly replace many similar imported products, such as Atlas, MSI, and HUBA. The product appearance and process connection method can be customized according to user needs. There are many different specifications to choose from, and OEM manufacturing can be carried out according to requirements.

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 sensor main feature:

  • 1. This product uses imported sensor core
  • 2. PARK plug-in small structure, easy to install and maintain
  • 3. With a wide measuring range and a variety of output signals
  • 4. The product can have good stability in a wide temperature range and is cost-effective. It can also provide a variety of pressure interfaces and customized structures to meet the different needs of customers.


Focus on pressure transmitter since 22,In 2002, it became a regulararmy of instruments and mheters.

The public factory area is 5000㎡,Inventory advantage,stablesupplyshort delivery time

OEM /ODM Service,With development capability, acceptOEM/ODM order

One-stop Sourcing,Complete products, saving your cost and time

Product testingis complete and strict,Install and test the product inchinesemarket firstly to ensure the quality

500+ Products,Update new products quickly, helpingyou to occupy the market

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Pressure range 0MPa~0.1MPa~4MPa(Gauge pressure)
Accuracy ± 0.5%FS , ± 1%FS
Output signal 0.5 - 4.5VDC , 4 - 20mA
Overload pressure 200%FS
Working temprature -40℃~85℃
Temperature drfit ±0.03%FS/℃
Power supply 3~5VDC,24VDC(10-36VDC)
Electrical connection PARK plug/Wire/terminal
Process connection G1/4, R1/4etc, can be customized
Ingress protection IP65
output signal Absolute value 0-5V
Supply voltage (V) 6-36 or 3.0-5.5
Power consumption (mA) 2.5(TYP)
Load (Ω) >10K
process connection NPT 1/8, G1/4, etc. can be customized
Material 304 stainless steel, alumina, NBR (fluorine rubber, etc. optional)
vibration 10gRMS,(20~2000)Hz
impact 100g,11ms
insulation Greater than 100MΩ @250VDC
Start Time 80ms
Response time Less than 1ms (@ 90%FS)
CE certification EMC: IEC61326-1 Class B
Electrostatic discharge immunity: IEC61000-4-2
Electromagnetic field immunity: IEC61000-4-3
EFT immunity: IEC61000-4-4
Surge immunity: IEC61000-4-5

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Pressure transducer detailsPressure transducer details 02Pressure transducer details 04

It can directly replace many similar imported products, such as Atlas, MSI, and HUBA. Widely used in automobiles, food, medicine, industrial automation, water pumps, petroleum, chemical industry, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment, air conditioners, air compressors and other fields.

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