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Hirschmann vacuum I2C absolute pressure sensor

Model Number:PT-309
Pressure range:0~1Bar~100 BAR

Power supply:3-5V, 24V
Accuracy:0.5%FS 1%FS
Output signal:4~20mA/0.5-4.5V/0-10V
Process connection:G1/4, R1/4, etc.
Electrical connection:Hirschmann GDS-3009
Overload pressure:200%FS
Operating temperature:-40~85℃

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 PT-309 Hirschmann vacuum I2C absolute pressure sensor

Stainless steel isolated small structure, compact appearance and easy installation. With a wide measuring range and multiple output signals, this product has good stability in a wide temperature range and is widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, air compressors and other fields. It has CE certification and can directly replace many similar imported products, such as Atlas, MSI, and HUBA. The product appearance and process connection method can be customized according to user needs. There are many different specifications to choose from, and OEM manufacturing can be carried out according to requirements.

I2C absolute pressure sensor Description:

The 309 pressure transmitter features an imported sensor core and a stainless steel isolation type compact structure, with a small and convenient outer appearance. It offers a wide range of measurement options and multiple output signals, along with excellent stability within a broad temperature range. It can directly replace various similar imported products like Atlas, MSI, and HUBA.

PT-309 I2C absolute pressure sensor 30

Bullet Points:

- I2C Absolute Pressure Sensor: 309 pressure sensor utilizes imported sensor core with stainless steel isolated compact structure.

- Wide Range & Multiple Output Signals: Offers wide range of pressure measurement, multiple electrical outputs, and excellent stability over a broad temperature range.

- Easy Replacement: Can directly replace various imported products like Atlas, MSI, HUBA. - Compact Design & Reliable Connection: Small structure, convenient and reliable connection with Hesman plug.

- Customizable & OEM Manufacturing: Can be customized in appearance and process connection, available in multiple specifications for OEM branding.


Q: What are the available pressure ranges for this pressure sensor?

A: This offers a variety of pressure ranges to suit different application needs,   providing precise and accurate measurements in various environments.

Q: Is the installation process complicated for this pressure sensor?

A: The features a compact and user-friendly design,     making installation quick and simple for seamless integration into your system with ease.

Q: What is the core sensor of this pressure sensor imported from?

A: The utilizes an imported sensor core,  ensuring high quality and reliable performance for consistent and accurate pressure readings.

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Pressure range
0~1Bar~100 BAR
± 0.5%FS , ± 1%FS
Output signal
0.5~4.5VDC, 4~20mA
Overload pressure
Working temprature
Temperature drfit
Power supply
0.5~4.5VDC, 1~5 VDC, 0~10VDC, 4~20mA (2/ 3wires)
Electrical connection
Hirschmann GDM-3009
Process connection
G1/4, 1/4NPT, R1/4etc, can be customized
Ingress protection

PT-309 I2C absolute pressure sensor 22PT-309 I2C absolute pressure sensor 24PT-309 I2C absolute pressure sensor 26

PT-309 I2C absolute pressure sensor 16PT-309 I2C absolute pressure sensor 18PT-309 I2C absolute pressure sensor 20

-Automotive, compressor and refrigeration industry-Construction machinery
-Pressure control and monitoring
-Water treatment system
-Hydraulics and pneumatics
-HAVC and BAS control
-Pumps, fitness equipment, home appliances
-Factory automation
-Fluid control and instrumentation systems

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