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pressure transducer with high-temperature PT-201H

Model Number:PT-201H
Output signal:4~20mA/0-10V/0-5V/0.5~4.5V
Application:Petrochemical Industry
Pressure type:Gauge Pressure /Absolute Pressure /Sealed Pressure
Pressure range:1-600 Bar(can be Customized)
Process connection:M20*1.5 G1/4 NPT1/4 (or Customized)
Measuring medium:Oil /Water /Gas
Electrical connection:Hirschmann Connector
Display:Unit Indication
Condition:Original 100%
Operating temperature:-40~80℃

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Hirschmann Connection pressure transducer with high-temperature

product description

Pressure transducer with high-temperature PT-201H adopts the diffused silicon pressure sensor core of an internationally renowned company. It converts the pressure of the measured medium into 4~20mA, 0 ~10VDC analog signal and IIC, RS485 and other standard digital signals. Coupled with the versatile Herschmann plug, it ensures excellent product quality and optimal performance. Users can conveniently, quickly and accurately measure the pressure of various fluids. The ultra-high cost performance can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, variable frequency pumps, complete water supply, refrigeration, air conditioning, air compressors and other fields.

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pressure transducer with high-temperature Main feature:

* The high-performance diffused silicon sensor core is equipped with a highly integrated bridge pressure sensor dedicated advanced chip for signal conditioning.
* Digital temperature compensation and non-linear correction
* A variety of signal outputs, equipped with self-molded plugs that are waterproof and breathable, perfectly adaptable to conventional sockets such as Hirschmann and HTP, and are widely applicable

* High sensitivity, high precision, high stability
* Full temperature zone temperature compensation, good electrical performance and long-term stability
* Hirschmann plug, wide adaptability
* Process connections can be customized
* High cost performance, one year warranty

pressure transducer with high-temperature advantages

1,High-precision 485 diffused silicon core
2,Low voltage/absolute pressure/ICc output
3,Digital temperature compensation
4,-10~70°C,Full temperature zone warming
5,Application medium: water, gas, liquid, oil

Purchase guide

To recommend you the most suitable sensor, please tell us below information.
1. Working temperature: -40~+125 °C ?
2. Test range?
3. Output: 4-20mA , RS485 or others?
4. Screw: G1/4, 1/4NPT, R1/4, M20*1.5?
5. Electrical connection: Packard, Direct lead?
6. Order quantity: ?
7.Apploed equipment?
ring range
overload pressure
process connection
G1/4, etc., can be customized
Comprehensive accuracy
temperature drift
Temperature compensation range
long term stability
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
output signal
Absolute value 0-10V
Scale 0-5V
Supply voltage(V)
Protection level
Media adaptability
Various fluids that are non-corrosive to 304 stainless steel
Greater than 100MΩ @250VDC
Response time
Less than 1ms

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Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry,metallurgy, electric power, frequency conversion pump,complete water supply, refrigeration, air conditioning, aircompressor and other fields

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