How to choose best seawater pressure transducer for marine areas?

9月 08, 2021

How to choose seawater pressure transducer?

Pressure sampling devices like seawater pressure transducer install on pipelines, air ducts, and hydraulic communications to take a pressure impulse and connect pressure measuring devices. Elements not just increase the service life of measuring devices but also simplify production processes.

seawater pressure transducer


Top 2 versions of pressure devices

Basic versions of selected pressure devices

  1. First, direct: Installed on a vertical pipe section.
  2. Second, corner: Installed on a horizontal pipe section.

How to choose the right seawater pressure transducer?


Installation is carried out with high quality only if all the conditions listed below are met. To find the right selection device. the following parameters should be considered:

  • Firstly, the working temperature of the medium is -70 ... + 525 ° C.
  • Secondly, seawater pressure transducerin the pipe is 1 ... 40 MPa.
  • Also, Connection device type.
  • Lastly, features of the working environment.

For the correct and efficient operation of pressure monitoring systems, it is also necessary to correctly select all elements of the measurement section, namely:

  • Firstly, shut-off valves.
  • Secondly, the control device must correspond to the design features
  • Lastly, conformity of the material to the pipeline.

Quick selection table for seawater pressure transducer

This is a quick selection table for selected devices. And, there are many in-stock and custom solutions common for ventilation systems, impulse lines and other industrial equipment. Accordingly, the device passport will contain the following information:

  • First and foremost, manufacturer's mark
  • Second, steel grade to weld to seawater pressure transducer
  • Additionally, operating pressure
  • Also, working temperature of the measured medium
  • Furthermore, year of manufacture of the device
  • Above all, OTK mark on acceptance.

Our company is engaged in the supply of devices from leading suppliers. You can buy devices on our website. Thus, if you need to calculate the prices in the estimate, please contact our specialists via the feedback form. Prices are easy to find by sending an application or in the price list section.

Installation, operation, and safety:

Straight and angle devices are mounted on impulse systems, pipelines, and various industrial communications, observing the general safety requirements for the corresponding communications. Also, tightening flanged and threaded connections under pressure is not permitted.

The wrench on the clutch must install on seawater pressure transducer.  So that the jaw of the wrench covers the side hole in the middle of the clutch. In selected devices with a three-way valve, make sure that the blow-out hole is directed away from people.

After completion of the installation, testing of the devices is important to determine the quality of the installation. Furthermore, devices are tested together with the equipment on which they install. After tests for strength and density, it can paint devices, welding places.

Features of the execution of selected pressure devices

Due to the peculiarities of installation, the climatic design of the device does not play a special role. Various selection devices are manufactured to withstand the specific operating conditions of the respective equipment’s in seawater pressure transducer (impulse system, pipeline, etc.).

If necessary, after installation, additional insulation and protection is mounted. The connection is carried out by welding. Devices designed to work with aggressive media have characteristic design features. For example, elongated devices are available for hot working media from the sampling point to the measuring device.

Differential pressure sensors

Differential (differential) pressure transmitters are common to convert the differential pressure (differential pressure) into a unified output signal for voltage, current, or inductance. The most popular are sensors with a unified current.

Differential seawater pressure transducer

Membranes and strain gauges are the sensitive elements of the devices (seawater pressure transducer) Resistance measures as follows. Strain gauges are attached to the measuring diaphragm, it is isolated from the working medium. The medium pressure is taken over by the diaphragm seals.
seawater pressure transducer 2021

The space between the measuring diaphragm and the separating diaphragm fills with a special liquid. Under the influence of pressure, the diaphragms of the separators are deformed, which in turn deform the measuring diaphragm, and behind it the strain gauges.

Pressures action on differential sensors

The pressure acts on the differential sensor from both sides, therefore the body of the device has two connections. The fittings of seawater pressure transducer are parallel, but there are models with coaxial fittings. The sensor shows the difference in pressure with a sign corresponding to the connection.

Ex differential pressure sensor with coaxial fittings

Differential pressure transmitters design to measure relatively low values ​​of medium pressure. These values ​​range from a few millimeters of water column to several hundred kilopascals (1 mm water column = 0.009807 kPa).Also, the differential sensors connect to the primary converters by means of impulse pipes.

Impulse tube and seawater pressure transducer

Impulse tubes are common to connect various pressure measuring instruments and are the most economical option. The purpose of the tubes is to protect the sensors from excessive heating and pulsation of the measured medium.

When installing impulse pipes, (of seawater pressure transducer) it is necessary to consider that the impulse line should be as short as possible. Since with its increase the delay in the propagation of the pressure pulse increases. It is quite critical for control loops of intensive processes.

Differential pressure sensors are common in heat supply systems, water supply, ventilation, mechanical engineering, and other systems requiring constant balancing by providing and maintaining a differential.

Diaphragm seals and seawater pressure transducer

Diaphragm seals design to transmit the pressure of the measured medium to the measuring device without direct contact of the device with the medium. The inner space between the membrane and the measuring device fills with liquid.

Diaphragm seawater pressure transducer seals transmit the pressure of the medium by means of a liquid. Diaphragm seals are common when the controlled medium should not be in direct contact with the measuring device Diaphragm seals gives you pressure with high accuracy even at extremely low values ​​

How can spacers be easy to move?

In addition, the spacers are easy to remove, for example for calibration or cleaning. One of the types of devices - a flow-through diaphragm seal produces in the form of a round cylinder, which ensures unobstructed flow of the medium and creates the effect of self-cleaning of the measuring chamber.

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