Pressure Sensor Universal Stainless Steel Oil Fuel

Sensors on automobiles serve as the information source of the automobile electronic control system, are key components of the automobile electronic control system, and are also one of the core contents of research in the field of automobile electronic technology. Automotive sensors measure and control various information such as temperature, pressure, position, rotation speed, acceleration and vibration in real time and accurately.
The engine management system uses various sensors, which are the core of the entire automobile sensor. There are many types, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, position and speed sensors, flow sensors, gas concentration sensors and knock sensors. These sensors convert engine intake air volume, cooling water temperature, engine speed, acceleration and deceleration and other conditions into electrical signals and send them to the controller. The controller compares this information with stored information, accurately calculates and outputs control signals. The engine management system can not only accurately control the fuel supply to replace the traditional carburetor, but also control the ignition advance angle and idle air flow, which greatly improves the performance of the engine.

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