Why anti-corrosion pressure transmitters are so popular in 2021?

4月 15, 2021


pressure transmitter for process control




今天我们在这里讨论,什么是压力变送器以及压力变送器的4大类型。此外,为什么防腐蚀变送器在 2021 年如此受欢迎?



Basically, every industry has its own specific risks. Humans are continuously operating around these dangerous environments and putting their lives in danger. But all these risks can be avoided by adopting the right precautions.

Basically, pressure transmitters are helpful to perform vital functions. Pressure transmitters are actually special kinds of electronic devices that can easily detect pressure. Furthermore, they can also convert this pressure into an electrical signal.

In addition, a pressure transmitter also can measure as well as calibrate the entire level of industrial liquids or gases. Today all the huge industries are increasingly getting benefits from these special pressure transmitters.

What is an anti-corrosion pressure transmitter?

Although pressure transmitters can perform vital functions, they have their own hazard factors. So, as a particular precaution, the dawn of the anti-corrosion pressure transmitter has totally removed all forms of doubt and suspicion.

So, because of the latest anti-corrosion transmitters far dealing with pressure transmitters in all their wholeness has eased considerably. Actually, an anti-corrosion transmitter of pressure consists of a pressure sensor and a signal amplifier.

Basically, the main function of a pressure sensor is to detect the pressure value. However, the pressure sensor can't convey this pressure value alone or by itself. Hence, for this purpose, industrialists use an amplifier of the signal.

This amplifier enhances the signal and converts it to the electrical signal. However, the pressure transmitter mainly shows the pressure value on the display.

What are the types of pressure transmitters?

As we have already described that an anti-corrosion pressure transmitter contains a signal amplifier and a pressure sensor.

However, there are generally 4 main types of pressure transmitters that are given below.

These are;

  1. Absolute pressure transmitters
  2. Differential pressure transmitters
  3. Gauge pressure transmitters
  4. Multivariable pressure transmitters

What are the typical applications of pressure transmitters?

Basically, the anti-corrosion transmitters of pressure have some highly significant features. Moreover, each transmitter has the same process to make up. The manufacturers conduct several trials after creating each and every product.

Further, these sensors undergo an extensive trial before release so that you have not to face any hassle after their functioning.

Let's have a look at the particular components of anti-corrosion pressure transmitters!

  • They have ideal corrosion resistance
  • These transmitters also have an ideal capability to handle vibration, impact, and damage
  • They have high-stability
  • Moreover, these transmitters have ideal accuracy
  • These special transmitters can also overload capacity of over 2 FS
  • They also can easily measure high to weak corrosive liquids
  • Tantalum exterior as well as titanium alloy enclosure.

The reason behind the great fame of anti-corrosion pressure transmitters in 2021

These transmitters provide great functionality so they have a great share of fame. Moreover, for their ideal performances, every industry is increasingly accepting them with open arms in 2021.

We are actually here to know the reason behind their significance, let's try to understand pressure transmitters deeply.

Essentially, anti-corrosion pressure transmitters are sensors. In fact, several important industries such as medicine, pharma as well as Petro-chemical always need accurate and precise results.

Moreover, all the laboratories that are related to these industries are highly pressure-sensitive.

Actually, all lives are totally depending on these industries so accurate results are extremely important. Hence, these pressure sensors are necessary to make sure the exact accuracy to the last decimal.

How many names do pressure transmitters have?

Basically, transmitters are famous with many other names like,

  • Pressure Sensors,
  • Pressure Transducers,
  • And Pressure gauges,

are all the special derivatives of a pressure transmitter.

What are the special features that an anti-corrosion pressure transmitter has?

Here are the ideal features that an anti-corrosion transmitter has such as;

  • Its protection class is IP65
  • Its construction seal is of stainless steel
  • It is intrinsically safe
  • Wide temperature compensation
  • Moreover, it also has great accuracy.

What is the general makeup of the anti-corrosion pressure transmitter?

Generally, the makeup or manufacturing process of the anti-corrosion pressure transmitter is complex than any other industrial gauge. Additionally, it becomes more complicated when it has to be anti-corrosive.

Furthermore, the whole make-up process of the pressure transmitter has to follow by an extremely strict process flow. There is no doubt that this special series of products have ended all the problems of weak and strong gas or liquid.

Basically, the resolution is relatively small so the manufacturers make use of,

  • titanium alloy,
  • PVC,
  • as well as PTFE

in order to prepare the enclosure material. The diaphragm composes of tantalum. Moreover, the approximate weight is 250g and the measured medium is ideally strong gases and liquids.

The manufacturers of anti-corrosion pressure transmitter as well as explosion-proof pressure transmitter using a flameproof structure. Thus, making use of anti-corrosion transmitter make the prime choice for outdoor installation.

Moreover, it is also ideally suitable for the occasion of medicine, chemical fiber, industrial control, etc.

What is the industrial practice of pressure transmitters?

In fact, pressure transmitters must be anti-corrosive as well as they should be heat resistant and explosion free as well.

So, these pressure transmitters always have the ideal capability to withstand the sharpest variations in the atmosphere, ph., density, and temperature. They are mostly applied in:

  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum
  • hydraulic pressure
  • Ship
  • Building automation industries, etc.

Why do you need an anti-corrosion pressure transmitter?

Basically, anti-corrosion pressure transmitters help you to measure pressure in a very short time period with relatively little effort. Furthermore, these special transmitters also help to measure relative pressure, absolute pressure as well as differential pressure.

In addition, these special transmitters also help us to measure the overall flow rate, density, and fill level.


总之, 在现代工业中使用防腐压力变送器已变得必不可少。事实上,它显示了我们在使用最新技术为自己生产资料方面取得了多大进展。


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