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Capacitive Intelligent Pressure Transmitter for Process Control

  • Range:  -0.1MPa ~ 0.1MPa ~ 60MPa
  • Output Signal:  4~20mA, HART, PS485
  • Overload Pressure: 200%FS
  • Supply Voltage: 24VDC (10~36VDC)
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • Temperature Drift:  ±0.03%FS/℃
  • Introduction
  • Technical data
  • Electrical connection
  • Dimensions
  • Applications

PT3088 capacitive intelligent pressure transmitter is an advanced intelligent instrument product developed by Shenzhen Oude Instrument Co., Ltd. based on years of scientific research and practice. The sensor of the smart transmitter is a high-precision miniature capacitive sensor produced by foreign advanced technology. On the principle of conversion, the direct digital capacitor circuit is used to replace the analog signal amplification circuit and the A/D conversion circuit, and the digital compensation technology is used to compensate for the temperature. Improve measurement accuracy and reduce temperature drift. It has the characteristics of good long-term stability, high reliability, and strong self-diagnosis ability. With its extremely high-cost performance, it has become a mainstream product in the transmitter market.

PT-3088 Capacitive Intelligent Pressure Transmitter Features

  • Thanks to the use of a microprocessor, flexibility, and functionality have been improved.
  • Has a strong self-diagnosis ability.
  • Mileage coverage width 0-2.5KPa~7MPa.
  • Accuracy is higher than 0.1, and the mileage ratio is higher than 10:1.
  • Zero-point and mileage adjustment do not affect each other.
  • Remote and local zero points, mileage adjustment.
  • The two-wire system in accordance with the HART® protocol can perform digital communication with ROSEMOUNT275 without interrupting the analog output.
  • Non-volatile memory inside the sensor.
  • Good stability, high precision, adjustable damping, strong ability to resist one-way excess.
  • No mechanical transmission parts, less maintenance work, strong, anti-vibration.
  • The display head can be freely rotated by 330° for on-site observation
  • The conversion of all common parts, sensors and electronic boards will not affect the performance of the transmitter, and maintenance is more convenient.
  • The diaphragm material in contact with the medium is an optional explosion-proof shell structure.
  • Prove excellent performance and reliability.

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Range -0.1MPa ~ 0.1MPa ~ 60MPa
Output Signal 4~20mA, HART, PS485
Overload Pressure 200%FS
Process Connection G1/2, M20*1.5, etc., can be customized
Comprehensive Accuracy ±0.1%FS, ±0.25%FS, ±0.5%FS
Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃
Temperature Drift ±0.03%FS/℃
Protection Class IP65
Supply Voltage 24VDC (10~36VDC)

PT-3088 Installation Drawing


PT-3088 Dimension


Capacitive intelligent pressure transmitter used in process control.

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